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Music from Albeniz to Zeppelin for cello and guitar
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Mash-up I
1. Misirlou 2:29  (Greek traditional)

2. Bumblebee 1:08

3. Zajdi, zajdi jasno sonce 2:28
(Macedonian traditional)

4. Carpathian Kolo 4:45
(Viktor Uzur)

5. Kashmir 6:41

Fragments Transcending
(Brad Richter)

6. Facing East 3:02

7. Circles 3:21

8. La Folia 9:45

Romanian Folk Dances
(Béla Bartók)

9. Jocul cu bâta (or Joc cu bâtă) – Dance With Stick – Stick Game 1:33
10. Brâul – Waistband Dance- Peasant Costume 0:42
11. Pe Loc – Stamping Dance – Standing Still 1:32
12. Buciumeana – Horn Dance 1:56
13. Poarga Românească – Romanian Polka 0:32
14. Mărunţel – Quick Dance 0:57

Mash-up II
15. The Man Who Sold the World/James Bond Themes 5:24

Mash-up III
16. Superstition/Leyenda/Jungle Boogie 5:47

Composed and arranged by Brad Richter and Viktor Uzur (© 2009 Richter Uzur Duo)

Partial funding for this recording comes from the Telitha E. and John A. Lindquist Fellowship for Creative and Artistic Endeavors at Weber State University.

Produced and engineered by Sergei Kvitko | Design: Eleonora Alcalde Machado | Cover photo: Wess Gray | Additional photos: Wess Gray, Molly Helm, Mark Lipczynski and Debora Uzur.

Recorded June 11 -13, 2009 in Brad’s studio in Tucson, AZ using equipment from Sergei Kvitko, Aaron Hubbard and Mike Levy.

Brad and Viktor would like to thank Sergei Kvitko, Eleonora Machado, Madonne Miner, Wes Brustad, Manuel Prestamo, Steven Novacek, Mike Levy, Marc Sandroff, Diane Stern, Erik Stern, Aaron Hubbard, Wess Gray, Jim McClurken and John Hand for their contributions to this recording and our professional lives in general.

We would also like to thank Debora Uzur, Kerstin Meyers, Noah and Luca Meyers-Richter, Beverly and Karl Richter and all of our friends and fans, for supporting us in countless other ways.

Brad Richter plays a Q guitar by Trevor Semple,

Kashmir (Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant) WB MUSIC CORP. OBO FLAMES OF ALBION MUSIC | The Man who Sold the World (David Bowie) EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING, TINTORETTO MUSIC, CHRYSALIS MUSIC GROUP INC DIGITAL ONLY | Superstition (Stevland Morris (A/K/A: Steviewonder) JOHANAN VIGODA ADMIN. ACCT. STEVIE WONDER CATALOGUE, JOBETE MUSIC CO INC, BLACK BULL MUSIC INC | Jungle Boogie (Dennis Thomas, Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, Claydes Smith, Robert Mickens, Donald Boyce, Richard Westfield, George Brown) WARNER-TAMERLANE PUB CORP OBO OLD RIVER MUSIC, WARNER-TAMERLANE PUB CORP. | Live and Let Die (Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney) MPL COMMUNICATIONS INC, EMI UNART CATALOG INC


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